1. Introduction

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Welcome to Critical Thinking 101! This course is intended for you to learn how to think critically about arguments and to understand the basics of logical reasoning. Critical thinking encompasses a large set of skills in order to better understand and think about something that's presented to you (usually in an argument, but also through a book, an essay, a statement, a journalistic piece, a podcast, etc.). On the one hand, I hope that you'll be able to learn different ways of exercising critical thinking (through logical fallacies, analyzing the validity of an argument, etc.). But on the other hand, I also hope that you'll be able to learn how to apply these methods, which is why I designed this course in a way that's interactive and meant for you to engage with the materials.

You might feel as though you don't need the materials in this course or that you already know how to think critically. Be curious still, as there's always something new we can learn and there's nothing wrong with revisiting things we learned!

About this textbook
This course and the "textbook" that comes with it are largely based on Matthew Van Cleave's Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking textbook which is also available here for free. His textbook is copyrighted with the Creative Commons 4.0 license, which allows alterations and free usage. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I preferred to complement his work by adding interactive H5P exercises as well as supplemental schemas. I have altered the text in some places for sake of clarity and ease of reading. I do not intend to financially profit from his work.

About this course
This course is still under construction. I am designing it on my free time and making updates as often as I can. Please feel free to send any feedback to contact@learn-philosophy.com. I welcome any requests for collaboration too!